Whale spotted with calf swimming about 100 ft off Daytona Beach shore

Whoa! A man flying a drone along Daytona Beach spotted a whale and its calf swimming close to the shore, video shows.

Keith Fernandez, who lives along Daytona Beach Shores, was glancing out his window last Thursday when he spotted something.

"I thought it was a dolphin or maybe driftwood," he told FOX 35. However, when he realized it was too large to be that, he grabbed his drone and captured some footage about 100 feet off the shore. Turns out, it was a whale and its calf swimming.

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Fernandez said the was were "extremely close to the shore" -- specifically, he said, "maybe 100 feet off the shore."

Some whales, like the northern right whales, migrate to Florida to breed in the winter along the Atlantic. However, these animals are endangered and difficult to spot usually.

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