'We have to carry his light forward': Knight Nation honors Orlando TV reporter killed

The University of Central Florida is honoring alumni Dylan Lyons who was killed while reporting in Orlando.

Spectrum 13 News Reporter Dylan Lyons was shot and killed while reporting on a homicide investigation in Pine Hills Wednesday. He graduated from the University of Central Florida in 2019. Journalism students honored Lyons in their student broadcast "Knightly News" on Friday.

Knight Nation has been feeling Lyons' loss with a heavy heart. His former professor described him as a ray of sunshine.

"He had a theater background in high school, so we could bounce into any room he went into whether it was the classroom, the newsroom," said UCF Professor Rick Brunson. "He was just alive, and now he’s not, so that’s what we’re all trying to deal with and grapple with."


Many on campus, and in the community find it so hard to know he was killed while doing his job, a job that he loved.

"He was 24. His life was in front of him and for it to be so tragically and criminally taken away it’s unjust it’s not right, it’s just so grotesquely unfair," said Brunson. "Dealing with all those emotions and trying to remember how bright he was. We have to carry his light forward."

But, his Knight family is carrying him in their hearts through this tragedy.  

"I just feel like everything I do from here on out, I’m going to carry him in my heart and do everything with all the love possible like he would have done," said UCF Journalism Student Jackie Cardentey.