WATCH: Mystery creature spotted by boat captain leaves viewers guessing: Here’s what it is

Alligator, whale – or Loch Ness Monster? Video of a dark creature swimming near the coast of southeastern North Carolina had viewers debating online about what it could possibly be. 

Charter boat Captain Daniel Griffee captured the video which was shared on the Chasin Tails Outdoors Bait & Tackle Facebook page on Jan.3. Since then, the 43-second video has been seen over 123,000 times. 

"Something you don’t see everyday…. WHALES or the LOCH NESS MONSTER in the Port this morning, never seen one inside the inlet like this!" the shop wrote. 

The clip shows the creature appearing to ‘slither’ through the waters inside the Port of Morehead City and surfacing at times. 

Some viewers claim it looks like an alligator when it comes out of the water.


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"That’s a gator. You can see the eyes are on top of its head," one viewer said. 

"Now THAT is STRANGE. Odd-looking head for sure."

"It’s a manatee," another person guessed. 

"Definitely a Loch Ness monster. I saw 2 the same day I saw Bigfoot walking a black panther on a leash," one person joked. 

Thankfully, Captain Griffee put the rumors to rest: he identified it as a right whale calf that got lost from its mother swimming around the port. 

"Wasn’t sure at first, thought it was a group of dolphins splashing around until it swam right beside the boat," Griffee wrote on Facebook. "I have a 22’ pathfinder that 9’ wide and it was bigger than my boat!"