Watch: Curious bear gets himself a snack from Florida homeowner's garage

Here in Florida, alligators, bears, and snakes are part of neighborhood sometimes, and in one neighborhood, a curious – and maybe hungry – bear decided to fetch himself a snack.

Jason Mickel shared some video with FOX 35 of a bear appearing to rummage through a fridge in his garage Saturday evening. Watch the video above.

"Going through my fridge I see, aren't you?" he appears to ask the bear in the video. "Take all my food?"

The bear walked out of the garage towards the yard, while a few snacks were left behind in the driveway.

In a second video, the bear is laying down in the grass enjoying a snack.

In a Facebook message, Mickel told FOX 35 that he eventually followed the bear in his vehicle as it went by a few other houses in the neighborhood, and then made its way back into the woods.


To be clear, it is illegal to intentionally feed bears in Florida, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

"Bears are opportunistic feeders and will remember where to find easy food and return to the location. If they continue to gain access to human provided foods (e.g., garbage, pet food, bird seed) they can be become food conditioned and habituated," read the FWC's website.

Bears that keep returning can then be declared a public safety risk and have to be killed.