Volusia County sheriff cracking down on Daytona Beach unpermitted truck meet

The sheriff’s office is on alert and warning people about an unsanctioned event happening Friday on Daytona Beach.

According to online flyers circulating on social media, ‘Daytona Truck Meet 2024’ starts June 14th at and lasts through the weekend.

In response to the unpermitted event, Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood is designating a ‘special event zone’ on the beachside – effective 6 p.m. Friday.

It stipulates zero tolerance for noise violations, which applies to anyone amplifying sound from a vehicle that can be heard more than 25 feet away.

Signs are already posted, warning folks about doubled traffic fines and vehicle impoundment for any violation.

According to Chitwood’s order, the special event zone is bounded by A1A from Plaza Boulevard south to Florida Shores Boulevard. It stretches almost 6.5 miles and remains in effect until the "unpermitted pop-up event dissipates".

Online reaction is split. Some support Sheriff Chitwood cracking down on the unpermitted truck meet, others say they will still be going.