Video shows deputy being dragged by ATV

Authorities will be on high alert this weekend, cracking down on reckless ATV riders after several dangerous incidents including beating up a pregnant woman and dragging an Orange County deputy.

New surveillance video shows the moments an Orange County deputy is dragged by an ATV as he tries to stop the driver.

ANF Gyros & Grill provided the video to FOX 35 News.  According to investigators, the deputy noticed several people standing in a dark corner near the dumpsters outside the restaurant Wednesday. They say since it’s a high crime area, the deputy decided to see what they were up to.

The video shows the deputy running toward the group. In an arrest report, that deputy says he was telling the man on an ATV to "stop," but instead, the man looked like he was going to take off. 

The deputy says he grabbed onto the man, who accelerated, nearly running him over and dragging him before he tumbles to the ground.

The Orange County sheriff’s office says the ATV driver – Angel Morales Santiago – was later arrested. Investigators say two other people who tried to get away on a dirt bike were also arrested.

Deputies have recently invested several crimes involving people driving recklessly on dirt bikes and ATVs in Orange County.