VIDEO: Ducklings rescued from storm drain reunited with mama duck

Four ducklings that lost their mama after they fell down a storm drain are now back together again thanks to a Florida couple. 

On August 24, Klaire Osborne said she and her husband, Tyler Osborne, were walking around a neighborhood in Jacksonville when they heard the sound of baby ducks crying from a nearby storm drain.

“We lifted the sewer grate, my husband jumped in, and we rescued the ducklings and reunited them with their mother and siblings,” Osborne told Storyful.

Video taken by the couple shows them carrying the four little ducklings in a plastic container over to their mama and siblings. The ducklings quickly run over to their family.

Reunited, the duck family is seen waddling off down the sidewalk together.

"The world needs more feel good stories," Osborne wrote on her Facebook page.

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