UCF student warns others about spy camera, after she says stranger left one in her window

A University of Central Florida (UCF) student is speaking out, warning others after she said she discovered a spy camera was recording her through her bedroom window.

"I saw a green flashing light in my window. I was like, just terrified. I didn’t know what to do. I was freaking out,  I was crying."

UCF student Jenna Busch recounts the fear after finding a recording device at the Pointe at Central apartments.. "I felt so violated."

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Investigators say 54-year-old Vernon Crider was a pilot for Frontier Airlines, who had flown in from out of state and got into the gated apartment complex, where he placed the spy camera in her window.  Jenna explains what it looked like.

"So like the hook would be here and the lens is right here and it just sat there." 

The spy camera can record 150 minutes through the battery inside, it also has the ability to record an entire room.

"There’s a little camera lens right by the clip. You press the button so it starts recording." 

Bobby Brown of Surveillance Plus shows us a key fob, glasses, and other devices used for spy cams. They cost around 150-dollars each.  

"We have them disguised in cell phone chargers, travel clocks, a smoke detector. " 

And in the phone charger. 

"It’s in there, looking for a little tiny hole."

But people can use a lens finder, to spot a camera. 

"It puts a red dot right where the lens is." 

It costs around $145.

Jenna says, "I just hope this doesn’t happen again." 

She says she was able to get out of her apartment lease and is speaking out to warn others about what could happen. She says nothing embarrassing was caught on the spycam. 

"It could have been way worse. I’m extremely lucky that I saw it." 

UCF Police say this was an isolated incident, but if it happens to others, they should report it.

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