Trump campaign signs stolen from different Lake Mary neighborhoods

Around two dozen Trump campaign signs and a Trump flag have been stolen at different neighborhoods in Lake Mary, according to authorities. Lake Mary Police said it's a serious offense.

Jim Ginn proudly shows off his support for President Trump, with several campaign signs on his lawn, but a couple of nights ago, he says someone stole two of his signs and around the neighborhood. it was all caught on video.

"She just drove up and took them.  It made me mad. It made me mad because it’s my property. It's not hers to steal."

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According to Lake Mary Police spokesperson, Officer Zach Hudson, around two dozen Trump signs were taken out of yards in The Hills subdivision and Sprucewood Court. A Trump flag was also stolen.

"She probably lives in that area. I encourage anyone that lives in that area to watch the video and identify her," Officer Hudson says.

If caught, the accused thief could face a serious penalty.

"Theft is theft, it’s worth 6 months in jail. That’s somebody’s property and they paid for that property." 

Officer Hudson says it seems worse this year, explaining that "we’ve seen it on both sides. We’ve in a very divisive time clearly and people feel like they have a right to take somebody else’s property."

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Neighbors like Roger Stomberg say it’s disappointing, telling FOX 35 Orlando that "the real problem here is lack of respect. People need to respect both sides of a political party. And just because you don’t agree with my sign, or I don’t agree with your sign, doesn’t give you the right to steal or damage property."

Jim says the signs are only worth a total of $20, but he’s not taking any chances anymore.

So when the sun goes down, "I take them in. I’d like to see them caught and punished."

If you recognize the woman in the video, call Lake Mary Police at 407-585-1330.

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