Train operations in Central Florida stopped as Hurricane Dorian nears the coast

Train operations in Central Florida are closed until further notice as Hurricane Dorian nears the coast.

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) reported on Monday that all train activity has been ceased until further notice. This will affect Sunrail, Amtrak, CSX freight, and other, smaller railroads that utilize the corridor. 

They also said that crews are finishing preparations to the 61.5-mile corridor to render it safe prior to the impending storm. Preparations include securing 127 railroad crossings and railroad equipment throughout the entire corridor, removal of longer railroad gates, securing shorter gates on site, and inspecting and storing the SunRail train fleet.

When conditions are stabilized after the storm, a complete inspection of the corridor will reportedly be done before reinstating service. 

Drivers should still exercise caution while the railroads are out of service. There could be special vehicles and slow-moving trains on the rail.

Hurricane Dorian is currently moving west-northwest as a Category 4 storm.


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