Survivor of deadly Orlando fireworks warehouse fire continues to fight for her life, family says

The last survivor of the fireworks fire at an Orlando warehouse continues to recover three weeks later.

"She’s fighting hard every day, hour by hour," said Jason Tallafuss who said his 27-year-old sister Lindsey, is still in a drug-induced coma. More than 60 percent of her body was burned in the warehouse fire. 

Investigators said four other Magic in the Sky employees died.

"I drove to South Florida to go to one of the services. And it’s incredibly tough to know that four of my sister’s friends has passed away, and my hearts are with their family’s right now," said Tallafuss. 

Lindsey’s been hospitalized since December 1st when the fire occurred. FOX 35 talked to her parents shortly after that. They said, "There’s always a fire someplace, but when you know that your kid was there and almost got killed in that. It’s terrifying. It’s terrifying."

FOX 35 learned a tenant at the site of the fire, was not allowed to store fireworks there. In fact, the county says, the business address where Magic in the Sky was storing special effects fireworks, was registered as a furniture company.

"Accountability. I’m glad there are officials who are looking into it," said Tallafuss. He said Lindsey’s friends created a GoFundMe, but they’re still a long way from their goal.

According to Lindsey's parents, it will cost millions of dollars in medical expenses to help her recover. Lindsey's father said she doesn't have health insurance. "It is a little overwhelming. It’s a long process, and she’s going to have a lot of fights ahead." 

But they’re grateful to the doctors and nurses, as well as the public for all their support.

Every little bit has been helpful, and I know we appreciate it, and she appreciates it," said Lindsey's father.