Residents of Florida apartment complex complain of lack of communication following flood

A pile of furniture, decorations, people’s lives, and memories fill up the dumpster at Lakeside Village Apartments. 

Last week, a woman reached out to FOX 35 News saying she wasn’t getting help any replacing items like that, and wasn’t getting any answers for what was going to happen next at the complex. 

A week later, Shawnette Miles reached out saying things haven’t improved much.

"I reached out because of the other young lady," said Miles, referring to Tyesha Turner, the woman from the previous report. "She just told me – she was like ‘well, [FOX 35 is] listening to us’, so I was like, ‘Well, why not, let’s give it a try.’ Because they are not telling us anything."

Miles’ apartment at Lakeside Village flooded several inches during Hurricane Ian. Anything that was on the floor at the time is done for.

That includes her walls and carpet, which crews came in this week to tear out, leaving her apartment right on the verge of unlivable. 

"Rent was still due. We was like, ‘What are we gonna do? Are you guys extending any late fees? Nope, rent’s still due," said Miles. 


She says crews also sprayed anti-microbial to protect against mold – but she isn’t sure that’s good for her three-week-old grandson who lives with her. 

"We’ve just been told to keep the windows open, let it air out. That’s it."

She says she doesn’t feel particularly comfortable with that solution, especially because she has a three-week-old grandson who lives with her.

When the crews came in, they left some walls alone even though there’s clearly still water damage.

There are wires exposed, nails protruding, and several spots with sharp, serrated hooks sticking out where carpet used to attach.

Miles and several others say they don’t get any warning when crews will show up at their apartments, or what sort of work will be done.

"They didn’t leave any note on the door, no ‘sorry for the inconvenience’ or ‘Here’s how to get in contact with FEMA"

And they say they can’t get any of their questions answered.

"How long is this going to take?" asked Miles. "Is it okay to be sniffing these chemicals? We don’t know anything. It’s been stressful. Who wouldn’t be stressful?"

FOX 35 News talked with several people at Lakeside Village who all had the same complaints, but were afraid to go on camera. Most said they feared retribution from the property managers. That property management company, Picerne Realty Group, has not returned calls or emails from FOX 35 placed over the course of a week.