Fixing flooded Sanford road could cost at least $1 million

While floodwaters continued to creep up around Sanford City Hall Monday, officials inside discussed what they needed to do next.

Because of soft soil, the stretch of Seminole Boulevard could require at least a million dollars to fix, something that could take away from other projects according to the city's director of public works.

The Downtown Sanford Marina is still underwater. For one boat owner, that also means losing business.

"It was an Airbnb houseboat, so we’ve had to cancel at least for the rest of the year everybody that already made reservations," said Ken Nootbaar. "So, I feel bad for them."

Nootbaar was one of many visiting the U.S. Small Business Administration's temporary office in downtown Sanford.

The Executive Cigar Shop and Lounge, usually across the street from Lake Monroe, now has water splashing up onto its deck.

It's staying open, but other businesses have been completely cut off for more than a week.

"There’s definitely some concerns, but it’s one of those things where we won’t know until it’s gone, so we’re just going to keep operating as best as we can," said Jason Faulkenburg, the general manager. "And I feel bad for the people down there that have no power. They completely shut all that down."

City officials said Monday that they did not have a clear timeline for when the water would recede.

They won't know the full extent of the damage until that happens.