Publix employee helps elderly woman cross busy Florida street

A Publix employee out of Jacksonville is being praised for his kindness.

Cindy McKee captured video of the employee helping an elderly woman cross the street of a busy intersection.

"We need more people like this in the world," Cindy wrote on Facebook.

Cindy wanted to identify the employee to make sure "he gets all the recognition he deserves for helping this elderly woman make it home safe."

(Cindy McKee / Supplied)

"If you live at Jax beach you know how crazy this intersection is especially during this time when everyone is rushing to get to work," she finished the Facebook post off with. 

A comment on the Facebook video, which has over 52,000 views, identified the employee as "Veance Pantfoder."

Tracy Criswell responded to this comment, stating that "please tell him thank you, our family appreciates him to the moon and back! That is my [90-year-old] aunt he is assisting."

News4JAX confirmed that the employee in the video is Veance Joseph Pantfoeder.

This story was written in Orlando, Florida.