PHOTOS: Family finds snake hiding in toilet of home

Credit: Eufaula Alabama Police Department

Image walking into your bathroom, lifting the lid to your toilet… and finding a snake inside! That's what happened to one family in Alabama recently. 

Officers in Eufaula, Alabama were called to a home after a scary surprise was found hanging out in a toilet.

"We never know from one day to the next what kind of call we will receive during our shift," the Eufaula Alabama Police Department wrote in a Facebook post. "Today was no exception, however a snake in the toilet wasn’t on our list of possibilities."

In the now viral post, photos show the gray snake tucked inside the toilet underwater. Police say it turned out to be a harmless Gray Rat Snake, but it was still an unwelcome guest that won't be invited back.

"In the snakes defense, he was just trying to reach the homeowner about their car’s extended warranty," the department joked.

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The snake was removed and transferred to a "more suitable habitat."