Parents of man who disappeared in Downtown Orlando search for answers

The parents of a Central Florida man who went missing in Downtown Orlando while celebrating his birthday are searching for answers. 

Inez Favors and Nixon Bone drove from Texas after their son went missing. 

"It’s just been very hard and it’s very emotional not knowing where your child is and if he’s okay," said Favors. 

They spent the day before Thanksgiving combing the streets and looking for leads as to what happened to their son.  

"We lately can’t sleep, cannot eat, thinking about our son," Nixon Bone said. 

Friends say Brian, who lives in Lake Mary, disappeared while celebrating his 24th birthday Sunday in Downtown Orlando. 

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They say the last place he was seen is Swigs and he’s on surveillance walking out of the bar at around 7:30 that night. 

Favors says she Facetimed Brian about 10 minutes after that. She was worried because family members told her he sounded drunk and was slurring his words. 

"I said, ‘Brian, where are you?’ He was like, ‘I don’t know.’ And I said, can you give me a landmark? He said I don’t know. I’m around buildings… I don’t know where I’m at," Favors explained. "He sounded scared and I know Brian - like he was about to cry. I just said it’s okay - just stand there and your brother is coming." 

She says as she tried to get a location his phone went dead.

His brother never found him. 

"He wouldn’t have just stayed out there somewhere and not contacted us – he would have contacted somebody," Inez said. 

His phone is off and his car was left in a downtown parking garage. Loved ones are desperate for answers. 

"We are praying to God that he’s okay," Favors said. 

Brian’s friends say they have reason to believe his phone may have been in Apopka Sunday night so they searched that area today too. 

Orlando police are investigating. They say they don’t suspect foul play. Anyone who may know Brian’s whereabouts should call 911. 

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