Orlando-based virtual tutoring service helps kids learn, for free

A group of Orlando high school girls started a nonprofit that tutors kids struggling with virtual learning.

"Learn With Us," is an Orlando-based, free of cost, virtual tutoring service.

"It’s an overall beneficial program to help kids to get the resources they need during these troubling times," said Elle Dafnis, chief marketing officer at Learn With Us.

"We really wanted to help our community. We just wanted to give back to the city that we live in," said Mimi Sawhney, founder at Learn With Us.

It started with three girls tutoring local kids, but a year later, they now have more than 150 tutors, helping more than 500 students across the country. The girls say it’s not just a resource for the students.

"It was also for the parents who are kind of juggling between both their students and their own work," Sawhney said.

"We impact a lot of kids on a weekly, daily basis, really," Dafnis said.

The girls never imagined how much of an impact they would make and how gratifying the experience would be.

"Seeing that I have been helping is really rewarding and I look forward to tutoring," said Avery Hansen, press director at Learn With Us.

The young ladies plan to keep the nonprofit and its services going post-COVID.

To learn more about the nonprofit, visit its website.

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