Orlando Air and Space Show takes to the skies in Sanford

Jets and planes took to the skies again at the Orlando Air and Space show, at Orlando Sanford International Airport. There were aircraft big and small, old and new, and loud! 

"Because... because they go fast, with boosters!" exclaimed Knox Grasley, a 5-year-old aviation enthusiast.

The crowds turned out to watch the dives, loop-de-loops, and barrel rolls, with nine different performances from the aviation teams. 

"We're still some of the luckiest people in the world to live in a country like this where we can come here and enjoy this today, so far so good," said John Juergens, a former pilot who was there to watch the show.

Aircraft from different service branches performed at the Orlando Sanford International Airport. Before the show, FOX 35 talked with a few of the pilots. USAF Maj. Joshua "Cabo" Gunderson flies the stealth F-22 Raptor. 

"It's an incredible airplane," he said, "in terms of air-to-air fighters, it's the most maneuverable jet that the US military owns in terms of speed, turning ability, all those things. It's a phenomenal jet and we're happy to be in Sanford here showcasing it."

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The Special-Operations Command Para-Commando skydivers opened the show. 

"Our first show, we'll begin with 800 sq/ft of red, white, and blue, which will be coming out of the sky in conjunction with our national anthem," said MSG Brandon Fountain, one of the SOCOM jumpers, "this afternoon we'll be demonstrating free-fall capabilities. We'll be exiting the aircraft at 10,000 ft, we'll have smoke attached to our feet so the crowd can see us!"

All of them were showing-off for aviation fans who say this won't be their last air show. "It's quite interesting to see how they just fly, and fly in a plane in the sky without them falling to the ground with the intense gravity of the earth!" said 10-year-old aviation enthusiast Maddison Patch.

The Orlando Air and Space Show runs again on Sunday. The gates open at 9 a.m. and the planes are flying from noon to 4 p.m.