Orange County launches 'Safer, Stronger, Together' campaign amid pandemic

During the State of the County address on Friday, Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings announced the 'Safer, Stronger, Together' campaign to help encourage residents and businesses to continue to social distance and following CDC guidelines to help slow the spread of the coronavirus. 

“We need to model and lead by example, hold ourselves accountable and positively reinforce those who are doing it right,” said Mayor Demings. “We’ve developed a campaign that uses the power of our community to work together – as the need is so much larger than anyone voice alone. We are a community that has a sense of togetherness and this challenge has brought us even closer. I ask each of you to join together in this effort.”

The campaign includes a new website (  ) with resources and support for businesses. Public service announcements will be made on local television, radio, and print.

Both businesses and residents are also encouraged to take the “Orlando Promise,” a public commitment to responsibly follow the State and County guidelines for a safe and phased reopening. 

Over the past couple of weeks, Florida has seen a spike in coronavirus cases daily, with more than 10,000 new cases reported within the last two days. 

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“We all need to do our part and follow the guidelines set forth for reopening businesses. That includes wearing masks, regular hand-washing and social distancing,” said Tim Giuliani, Orlando Economic Partnership president and CEO. “By doing these things, we can build consumer confidence so our economy can recover, and fewer people have to suffer the consequences of Covid-19.”