Orange County deputies searching for suspects who broke into 60 cars

Orange County deputies are investigating after criminals smash and grab items from more than 60 cars!

Detectives say it happened in four different lots around the area. One of the locations was in the parking lot of the Meadow Woods SunRail station. 

So far, no arrests have been made.

SunRail rider Matthew Crespo says his brother was one of the burglary victims

"I see all the glovebox open and the armrest open. I guess they were going through his things. I've been parking here since August of last year and I haven't seen nothing like this until now. But it's making me reconsider just driving to work."

This wasnt the only spot hit. 

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Deputies say burglars targeted four parking lots and between all of them there were over 60 car break-ins at the Amazon warehouse, a SunRail station, a UPS warehouse and at the Colonial Grand Apartments.

Crespo says there needs to be more security for those who get on the train and leave their cars behind.

"They should at least have a police officer rolling around here just checking, especially at night."

Investigators say they are working on a profile to put together a description of the people responsible for these car break-ins. 

For now, deputies are reminding folks to park in well-lit areas, remove anything that may seem valuable, lock your doors and arm the security system.