New rideshare hubs set to open in Orlando this week

New rideshare hubs are set to open in Orlando this week.

The goal of these hubs is to make it easier for people to get in and out of downtown. They will offer restrooms, food trucks, security, and cars waiting to take you home from midnight until 3 a.m. 

Dominique Greco, the Rideshare Hub Project Manager, told Fox 35 that "people want to get home safely but on the way grab something to eat, perhaps use the restroom and do that in a well-lit, patroled area."

One hub is located at Heritage Square while the other is at Gertrude's Avenue. 

"For safety purposes, it’s probably one of the best things they can do," said Teresa Shipley, rideshare customer.

The six-month-long test program starts on Friday.