Multiple arrested, deputies hurt after busting massive block party in Central Florida, Sheriff's Office says

Multiple people were arrested and several deputies hurt after thousands showed up to a block party in DeLand, according to the Volusia County Sheriff's Office.

Aerial video showed the massive block party on South Deleware Avenue.  Video from the scene then showed about 1,500 people there around midnight. 

Alphonso Parker and Charles Turner were arrested as deputies said that they handed a gun to one another and tried to run when confronted.

The Sheriff's Office added that some deputies were punched while others were hit with mason jars, cups, and even a bar stool. 

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On Monday morning, Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood took to Twitter and denied any accusation that the actions of the deputies were racially motivated.

"Racism is alive in America. To pretend we live in a post-racial world is either wishful thinking or denial," he wrote. "The behavior from the crowd was unacceptable and dangerous. The deputies and police officers did the best they could in extremely difficult circumstances, and I commend every one of them for resolving the situation without retaliation, prejudice or fear."

He pleaded that this was a difficult situation and that his deputies needed to act.

He added that "our country has an ugly history of racism and bigotry and the chapters are still being written today. Some things to think about following the racial tensions coming out of this weekend's events in DeLand."

Sheriff Chitwood went on to tweet even more and those tweets can be read on his Twitter.

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