'Shaken the entire city': Mount Dora mayor speaks out about the double murder of couple at retirement village

The mayor of Mount Dora said the recent double-murder of a couple inside a retirement community has turned the city upside down, but she said she has been working to make it safer for everyone.

"The magnitude of this has really just shaken the entire city," said Mayor Crissy Stile as she addressed the killings of Darryl and Sharon Getman at the Lakeside of Waterman Village Retirement community. "We’ve had several meetings with the residents of Waterman Village just because of their direct concerns that have happened in the community."

Waterman Village is a gated community, but somehow deputies said suspect Vickie Williams was able to get inside before the murders even occurred. "This was allegedly a person who was not from here, that was just passing through," Mayor Stile said.

According to the affidavit, on Dec. 30, at 10:40 p.m., Williams was seen on surveillance at the reception desk picking up a clipboard and pen, then walking through a patio area.  Later that night, at 11:13 p.m., investigators said Williams asked to use a resident's shower, but took off with her keys after the woman pressed her panic alarm. Then on New Year’s Eve, at 2:03 a.m., the murdered couple’s stolen car was seen leaving the complex on surveillance video, according to a report.


The timeline of events has raised questions about security at the retirement village and accountability.

"When something like this happens you can always point fingers and always find something that could have been done better," the mayor said and is now asking Waterman Village to take additional steps to protect its residents. "Close off any gaps that there were in the fence, which is allegedly how this person got in – through a small gap in the fence in the back where construction is underway – so that’s been sealed off for sure."

Visitors must also show a driver's license and plate numbers are now captured on camera.  However, she admitted that no plan is foolproof. 

"Whether there was a 6-foot fence, a 10-foot fence, a 12-foot wall. If a person wants to do harm, a person’s going to find a way to do harm," Stile said.

We asked what the mayor is specifically doing to keep her town safe, to which she replied, "The police respond to every call. They handle every call obviously by the book."

Back in 2020, Khiem Ba Trihn and Mihn Nguyen also known as Ken and Tina, were gunned down in their store. The killer is still on the loose. The mayor said they continue to investigate.

Ken and Tina also leave behind two children. 

"I would like to think that someday they will have the same feeling of justice, that the children of the Getmans now have," the mayor said. "Their family is hurting right now, and it’s unfortunate that this had to happen, but I think they feel a little bit better that this person is behind bars."