Miya Marcano’s body positively identified; family attorney said 'critical hours' were lost in investigation

The chief medical examiner confirmed that the body found in the search for a missing college student is in fact Miya Marcano’s. 

The body was found early Saturday morning at the Tymber Skan Condominiums in Orlando. 

The family attorney, Daryl Washington, would not release the cause of death per the request of the family. 

"The fact it took that long to get a positive identification gives you an idea of what this young lady had to go through," Washington said. "This was a vibrant young lady who is living her life and her life was taken away from her as a result of the negligence of this apartment complex."

Washington says the family is pursuing potential legal action against Arden Villas. They believe if Arden Villas got information like the key FOB history to investigators faster, they could have made an arrest of Armando Caballero before he got away.

"We do understand that the suspect had bruises on his hands and cuts on his face," Washington said. "Those were just a number of things that I think gave them enough credible information to detain this guy."

Washington says many details remain unanswered by the sheriff’s office and the Arden Villas apartment complex. The complex still hasn’t contacted Miya’s family. 

The family is making funeral arrangements and waiting for Miya’s body to be released to take her home.