School districts send out warning about TikTok 'smack-a-teacher' challenge

A new TikTok challenge that starts tomorrow challenges students to "smack a teacher."

"This is very disappointing," said Wendy Doromal, President of the Orange County Classroom Teachers Association.  

She’s just learning of this new challenge. 

"First off, anyone then would carry through on that would be committing an offense that could have them arrested, not just suspended or expelled from school, but certainly arrested," Doromal said, "and I would expect that the staff member would press charges." 

FOX 35 gathered pictures from schools across Central Florida from TikTok’s September "Devious Licks" challenge.  It dared students to break, vandalize and steal school property.  Toilets ripped right out of the floor, soap dispensers were pulled off walls and paper towel holders were destroyed.  \

"It cost taxpayers and the school district, a lot of money," said Doromal. 

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Seminole County Schools just sent a letter to principals warning them of TikTok’s October challenge saying "in the latest TikTok trend, students are asked to calmly walk up to their teachers, slap them and then runoff making sure they capture the whole thing on camera."  

Many parents tell FOX 35 News they were hoping September’s challenge would be the last. 

"It’s unfortunate. These kids are trying to keep up with the trends and popularity on TikTok so they’re doing whatever they can to get the likes, get the views, unfortunately," said Alaina Rice, mom of a middle school student. 

FOX 35 News reached out to school districts across Central Florida to ask what could happen to students who participate in October’s smack-a-teacher challenge.  Several pointed us to their student code of conduct. Violence on staff in each district we checked is consistent.  Consequences could range from suspension to expulsion to formal charges from local law enforcement. 

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