Largest fossilized dino poop on display at Orlando Science Center

Orlando Science Center

We know dinosaurs are fascinating prehistoric creatures, but how much do you know about their poop (or want to know)? 

Well, for those interested in learning everything (and we do mean EVERYTHING) about dinosaurs, the Orlando Science Center will allow you to explore the world of dino poop at the appropriately titled ‘Poozeum.’

"The Poozeum is a collection of some of the largest coprolites ever found and it’s so much more than a crappy complement to the existing dinosaur fossil displays in DinoDigs," the center said in a press release. "What is a coprolite? Also known as fossilized feces, coprolites are very old pieces of prehistoric poop that have become fossilized over a very long time."

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"From dino dung to crocodile caca, check out over a dozen specimens in the Poozeum. This display includes Barnum – the Guinness World Record Holder for ‘world’s largest fossilized excrement from a carnivore,’ which was generously provided by George Frandsen and a very full T. rex."

Specimens on display range in sizes and date back 11,700 to 200 million years ago. They were discovered all over the world, including some spots in Florida.

Admission to the Poozeum is included with your ticket, which is $21 for adults, $19 for seniors and students, and $15 for youth (ages 2 – 11).