Jury selection begins for murder suspect Scott Nelson

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Jury selection is underway in a Winter Park murder trial. 

Scott Nelson is charged with the murder and kidnapping of 56-year-old Jennifer Fulford, a Winter Park nanny who went missing in September.  Investigators say Nelson broke into a Winter Park mansion, kidnapped Fulford, and drove her to a bank to withdraw money.  Her body was later discovered in a wooded area.  Detectives said she died from stab wounds and asphyxia. 

The judge spent Monday asking potential jurors if they had any financial hardships or conflicts that would prevent them from serving on the jury.   Nelson was in court all day, seemingly interested in what the judge was asking potential jurors and the answers from those prospective jurors.  The  judge noted that the trial could last several weeks. 

Several folks telling the judge they have had vacations coming up that were planned in advance which could present a conflict if selected to be on the jury. The judge probed, asking if these trips could be rescheduled. 

This is a death penalty case, so typically, jury selection does take quite a bit longer than in a normal.  They are still in the very early stages of this process, and it looks like jury selection could take most of the week.