Judge calls evidence against Oath Keepers member 'fairly strong, fairly convincing'

A Titusville man will remain behind bars following his indictment on four charges related to the Capitol Hill riot on Jan. 6.

Kenneth Harrelson's wife and his attorney tried avoiding reporters as they walked out of the United States Middle District of Florida Orlando Courthouse on Monday. Minutes earlier, the judge told Harrelson that he will remain in custody until his trial, citing "fairly strong and fairly convincing" evidence prosecutors have brought against him.

Hours earlier in Washington D.C., a federal grand jury indicted Harrelson on four charges for storming the U.S. Capitol.

"This is a huge domestic terrorism attack. The FBI and research community have been very clear with that," Andrew Mines tells FOX 35 News. 

Mines is a researcher at George Washington University and part of a group studying the attack. They are building a public database of everyone charged in connection with it.

Harrelson took the stand during his own custody hearing, during which time he admitted to being a member of The Oath Keepers. 

"The Oath Keepers has been around for just over a decade," Mines said. 

He and his colleagues study extremist groups and have ranked The Oath Keepers in a special category. 

"Militant networks -- these are organized domestic extremist organizations. For basically all of the individuals who have affiliation to those groups, we found the level of planning ahead of time was very well coordinated. Their movements and tactics on the day were really well-coordinated," Mines said.   

He shared Harrelson's arrest affidavit with FOX 35 News, including pictures of Harrelson's alleged actions that day. 


"It speaks to their level of organization. They have a military-style stack going up the Capitol Hill steps. The picture, I think, you’re pointing to in the Harrelson affidavit is he’s right there, two feet to the side, and he’s basically providing a little bit of security as the stacks go up the steps," Mines points out and makes notes of the federal prosecutor's comments.

So far, nine members of the Florida chapter of The Oath Keepers have been indicted by the federal government, charged for the actions they’re accused of taking on Jan. 6.  

"I think where Florida kind of has this outsized reputation as in individuals with military experience and ties to domestic extremist organizations. They make up an outsized proportion in that group," Mines said.

He pointed out more people from Florida were arrested in connection with the Capitol riots than any other state, followed by Texas and Pennsylvania.

Harrelson will be transported to Washington D.C. where he will stand trial.

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