Iconic Space Coast beach boardwalk damaged by alleged drunk drivers multiple times, police say

An iconic beach boardwalk on the Space Coast has been demolished by alleged drunk drivers.

The latest crash happened over the weekend, and Indialantic police are still investigating after the driver fled the scene.

The Indialantic Police Department says a drunk driver shot off U.S. Highway 192 and wholly destroyed part of the boardwalk.

This hasn’t happened only once. It’s now the second time in the city, so leaders are looking into long-term changes to keep caution tape out of the area.

"We apparently have a problem with drunk drivers," said Mark McDermott, the town mayor. "We’ve had a rash of 3 or 4 crashes right here at this spot."

The latest crash on the boardwalk happened at 2 a.m. on Friday. Police say the driver left the mangled car behind and ran away. On Tuesday, caution tape, new pieces of wood, and barriers blocked off the destruction.


"I think it’s a real issue," said Lucas Uralli, an Indialantic resident.

"I think any boardwalk that’s been hit more than once needs to be corrected," added Wendy Diamond.

The mayor wants an urban planner or traffic engineer to survey the site and suggest new ideas.

"Come up with maybe a redesign that isn’t a straight shot, straight from 5th Ave. to here, add maybe a curve," said the mayor.

Thankfully, no one’s been injured in these crashes, but beachgoers don’t want to see the town’s diamond destroyed.

"It’s the biggest attraction of Indialantic, I would say," added Uralli.

"The boardwalk needs to stay," said Diamond.

The beachfront path isn't going anywhere, but parts will remain closed. The mayor says the town’s been weighing new ideas for the boardwalk and that it’s even more important to keep this from happening again.

"It’s frustrating, right, because it is the crown jewel of our town. Every time it gets damaged, it’s frustrating," concluded McDermott.

The mayor says his public works team has already started the insurance process to try to get this area fixed as quickly as possible.

The police chief says they are still actively investigating this crash. They’re asking for anyone who might have information or details about reaching out at the non-emergency line.