'It was like a stampede': Florida woman grazed by bullet in downtown Orlando mass shooting

A woman grazed by bullets describes the moment shots were fired in downtown Orlando early Sunday morning. Police said seven people were injured after a large fight ended with someone shooting into a crowd.

Taliyah was on her way home after celebrating a friend's birthday when the shots rang out in front of Wall Street Plaza.

"It was like a stampede," she said. "The sounds of the gunshots were covered by screams and sheers of terror."

Taliyah was grazed by bullets with cuts and scrapes to her chest, hip, and foot.

"When the gunshots went off I felt a sharp stinging in my stomach and hip and I looked over briefly and that’s when I saw the lights going off from the gun, so I took off running in the other direction," Taliyah said.
Her two friends standing right next to her were shot.

"One of my friends had been shot in the foot and thigh, and my other friend was shot in the leg," she said.


The Orlando Police Department said paramedics took six people to Orlando Regional Medical Center and a seventh person drove themselves to Advent Health. None of the injuries were life-threatening. 

"I’m blessed. It could have easily been a much more dangerous or a life-threatening situation had I been hit anywhere else, and the same for my friends as well. I’m thankful that even though they were shot, they’re going to be OK," Taliyah said. 

She still cannot believe she went out to celebrate her friend's birthday and ended up running from a gunman. 

"I think it’s really upsetting in a world, in a country, where you’re going out to have an innocent time and almost lose your life," Taliyah said. "It’s surreal honestly."

Police are still looking for the suspected shooter. Officers are asking any potential witnesses to call OPD at 911 or contact Crimeline to provide an anonymous tip by texting or dialing **8477(TIPS).