Gov. DeSantis slams Orange County Mayor for lowering vaccine age to 40

Governor Ron DeSantis is not too pleased with Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings decision to lower the eligibility age for COVID-19 vaccines to 40 and older. 

"It’s not his decision to make. There’s a structure in the state of Florida in terms of how these decisions are made," he said during a conference in Tallahassee on Friday.

He added: "I would note, Orange County is below the state average in seniors vaccinated, they’re at 63%. Trying to do healthy 40-year-olds over finding maybe some more seniors, to me, would not be the direction that I would go." 

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On Friday, the governor announced that the age requirement statewide would be lowered to 50 starting on Monday. 

Demings announced on Thursday that people 40 and older could start getting vaccinated in the county.

"We will lower the age to allow anyone 40 years old older, to go to the Orange County Convention Center and be vaccinated," said Demings.

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You don't have to be an Orange County resident to get it, but you must be a resident of Florida. Vaccinations for the 40-plus group will begin on Monday at 9 a.m.  

Mayor Deming said they have more than enough vaccines to make this change.

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"Each day, we have an available supply that is not getting in the arms of Individuals and they don't want it to just sit in storage," he added.

Mayor Deming said he didn't ask the governor for permission to lower the age because this site is run by the county, but he has informed state officials of the plan.

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