Father falls into coma after getting flu

The Johnson family was celebrating Christmas together when 50-year-old Johnny Johnson and his wife, Frankie, got the flu the next day. Frankie got better, but Johnny didn’t and is still in the hospital.

Woman receives double lung transplant

Shavonne Thomas was living a great life, until one day in 2016, a great life turned into a grave diagnosis of pulmonary fibrosis. She soon learned that in order to live, she would need a double-lung transplant.

Parental consent measure moving quickly

The Florida Senate Judiciary Committee voted 3-2 to approve the measure (SB 404) which is now one step away from going to the full Senate. A similar House bill (HB 265) is ready for a vote in the full House.

Lawmakers eye continuing Medicaid change

Florida legislators this year will weigh whether to continue a controversial policy that limits the length of time people have to apply for the Medicaid program.