Florida Walmart shoplifter says she was playing game called '21' after leaving with cart of items: Deputies

A Sanford woman who claimed she was playing a game called "21" when she was caught shoplifting was arrested, deputies said. 

On Monday, a person called 911, stating that a woman had left the Palm Coast Walmart with a cart of items. The person also gave deputies a description of the car in which the woman was placing the stolen items.

When the woman realized someone was watching her, she fled from the car, deputies said. 

As deputies were rummaging through the car, finding the stolen items, they spotted the woman walking towards the same Walmart. 

The woman, 30-year-old Amber McCann, was stopped by a deputy and she admitted to stealing a cart full of items from the store. She also claimed the car she was spotted putting the items into was a random car that was opened.

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Mugshot of Amber McCann | Credit: Flagler County Jail

Body cam footage shows the exchange between McCann and the deputy. She also said she left her ID and purse in the random car. 

She then went on to explain that she was playing a game called "21," where someone grabs as much merchandise as they can from a store and walks out without paying for it while trying not to get caught. 

Moments later, McCann admitted that the car was not random but a rental car that belonged to her boyfriend, deputies said. 

Deputies also found baggies full of marijuana and methamphetamine, along with a scale, hashish, a glass pipe with burnt residue, and empty baggies in the trunk of the car. 

McCann was arrested and booked into the Flagler County Jail.