Florida politicians concerned about Bloomberg's felon voting donations

Michael Bloomberg's push to get more felons in Florida to the polls continues to get some major pushback. Some Republican leaders say it is illegal and they are asking the FBI to get involved.

Former Florida Governor and current Senator Rick Scott is voicing his concerns about Michael Bloomberg spending millions in the Sunshine State. He believes it is a blatant attempt to buy the election.

Senator Scott said "the problem that Bloomberg has is that money is not gonna buy this election. If money bought elections, then Michael Bloomberg would be the Democratic nominee."

He added that "Floridians do not want Joe Biden, so Bloomberg's trying to sell a bad candidate.

Senator Scott is just one of several other high-profile Florida politicians speaking their mind on the issue. Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz and Governor Ron DeSantis are both pushing for a federal investigation into Bloomberg's spending in Florida. 

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Congressman Gaetz said "that's offering a bribe and inducement for someone to behave a certain way in voting. I think it's potentially criminal."

Attorney General Ashley Moody also sent a letter to the FBI and Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) to investigate potential violations of election laws by Bloomberg. 

After two days of reaching out to Mike Bloomberg's team for a response to these claims of "buying votes," FOX 35 was told by a spokesperson of his that "this transparent political ploy is just the latest example of Republicans attempting to keep Floridians disenfranchised."

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