FL man shoots gator attacking dog • 4 dead after planes collide in FL • FL Hibachi restaurant explosion

A Florida man shot an alligator who attacked his dog in their backyard, four people are dead after two planes collide over Lake Hartridge in Winter Haven, a teen was shot in the legs at an Orlando Sonic restaurant, two people were burned after an explosion at a Florida Hibachi restaurant, and a Florida man is accused of killing his girlfriend, burning her body, and trying to bury her: Here is FOX 35's Week in Review.

Florida man shoots alligator as it attacked dog in backyard: 'My heart just dropped'

A Deltona homeowner who asked not to be identified had to think fast when a gator started attacking his chocolate lab. The homeowner says he let his dog, Winston outside. He noticed the pup sniffing around, so he came out to see what Winston was interested in. When he rounded the corner, he says he spotted an alligator at the same time that the gator spotted his dog.  This was a seven-foot-eight behemoth. Both man and beast lunged forward at the same time. 

4 dead after 2 planes collide over Lake Hartridge in Winter Haven

Authorities have identified three of the four people killed in a midair collision involving two planes over Lake Hartridge in Winter Haven, Florida on Tuesday. The crash occurred not far from Winter Haven Regional Airport, according to officials. 

Teenager shot in the legs at Sonic restaurant in Orlando during argument, police say

Police say an argument at a Sonic drive-in fast food restaurant in Orlando led to a teenager being shot late Wednesday night. They're now trying to identify the gunman. This happened around 9:30 p.m. at 5399 International Drive. Orlando police arrived to the location and found a teenager shot in the legs who was transported to the hospital in stable condition. 

Explosion at Florida Hibachi restaurant leaves two people burned: police

Two people suffered burns after a fire, and possible explosion broke out at an Ocala Hibachi restaurant Thursday evening. Police said around 5 p.m., Ocala Fire Rescue responded to reports of an explosion with possible burns at Edo's Japanese Steakhouse at 4414 SW College Road. When crews arrived, they were taken to the open grill area where "extinguishing powder" covered the ground. Two burn victims were also near the grill. 

Florida man accused of killing girlfriend and burning her body, deputies say

A missing mother of two is believed to have been found dead in a secluded area of Palm Bay. Brevard County Deputies believe Nancy Howery’s boyfriend killed her and dumped her body in a neighborhood called "The Compound." Brevard County deputies say Daniel Stearns, 32, admitted to the killing and trying to destroy the body. Deputies got that confession after following him to this secluded area where they saw him trying to hide the body.