Families stuck in Orlando after flights canceled due to winter storm

A big winter storm in Texas is causing hundreds of flights to be canceled, which is leaving some families stuck in Florida. 

Hundreds of flights have been canceled because of a winter storm in Texas. Stacey Brown and her family are just one Texas family stuck in Florida after their connecting flight from Orlando to Dallas was canceled.

Their next flight is in three days so they tell FOX 35 that they booked a hotel and plan to enjoy the sun while they can, even if that means buying clothes for the warm weather. 

"Well, Grandma’s excited," Stacey Brown said. "It’s kind of like a surprise vacation."

Hundreds of flights at DFW International Airport were canceled and all were held until 11 a.m. Monday because of snow and ice in Texas. 

"We have all jackets, we lost our luggage, and now we’re going to be buying new clothes," Brown said. 

Many families say they traveled to Orlando to escape the cold winter weather. The Kulczewski's flew in from Wisconsin to enjoy the Sunshine State. 

"When we left home, it was -12 degrees and that was without the wind chill so we had to get out," Tom Kulczewski said.