EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Officers search for evidence in Orlando officer-involved shooting

FOX 35 News obtained exclusive video of the investigation into Tuesday’s shooting in which authorities said Orlando police officers were targeted with gunfire. 

Investigators on the scene tell FOX 35’s Dave Puglisi that they were searching for the weapons that may have been involved in the incident.

Officers split up searching around the apartments near the intersection of Lakeland Avenue and Jacobs Place where the alleged shooting took place. In total, officers said 40 shots were fired between the suspects and police. 

"I’ve never seen so many cops in my life," said resident Chris Daniels. 

FOX 35 was the only station on the scene following investigators during their search of the neighborhood. Officers could be seen digging through bushes along Jacobs Place near where shots were fired. Others were searching a nearby park. In the end, the two groups converged on some bushes just a block away from the shooting. 

K-9 officers assisted as crews hacked away at the overgrowth with machetes. A Crime Scene Investigator took photographs and measurements to document the scene. She bagged evidence described to FOX 35 as very important to the investigation. 

"We don’t need stuff like that going on around here," said Daniels. "There’s kids playing all throughout here. Somebody could’ve got shot."

Travis Weston, 17, Jameon Brown, 22, and Michael Collins, 19, have been arrested.  FOX35 was the only crew there as Collins was taken into custody outside his home. 

All three suspects have been charged with attempted murder of a law enforcement officer and aggravated assault with a firearm.

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