EXCLUSIVE: Family of mother killed by toddler on Zoom remembers their loved one

The hearts of the family of Shamaya Lynn are heavy. The words to describe the tragic accident that took her life are hard to find. 

"I don’t think we’re ever going to be the same, ever. Never, never, never, never, never," said Shamaya Lynn’s aunt, Tawanna Davis. 

Lynn, 21, was tragically killed on August 11 when one of her toddlers got a hold of an unsecured firearm and shot her while on a company Zoom call.

"My sister is inconsolable," Davis said. "There’s no way. All she keeps saying is, ‘It’s not my baby. Why my baby?’"

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Davis says her niece was bubbly, corky, smart, and hopeful. She dreamed of a beautiful life for her two young boys that she cared about more than anything in the world. 

"She just got her own place. She was trying to work to make money for herself and her babies. She was determined not to be the stigma of a teenage mom," Davis said. 

Shamaya worked hard, set up play dates for her kids, and was saving up to buy a home for them all. They say what happened was not because Shamaya was an irresponsible mother. 

"She tried so hard to do the right thing and this shouldn’t have happened. This was negligent, it was preventable and she didn’t see this coming," Davis said. "I just can’t imagine what my nephews' life is going be like after this."

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Both children are with their father as Altamonte Springs police continue their investigation. 

Shamaya’s family is taking it upon themselves to make sure her boys have the life she dreamed of for them. 

"She was my niece. She was a daughter. She was a mom. She was an auntie. She was a friend," Davis said. "She just wasn’t Shamaya Lynn, the Florida girl who was killed by her toddler. She was a person. A real person."

Shamaya’s family has created a GoFundMe to help pay the hefty funeral costs. They say any additional money will go directly to her children. 

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Shamaya will be laid to rest on Saturday in Miami.

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