Driver may have had seizure before crashing car in ocean in Daytona Beach, injuring child and others: report

The driver that crashed a car into the ocean Sunday in Daytona Beach may have been suffering from a seizure, according to a Volusia County Beach Safety incident report.

Authorities responded to the crash on International Speedway Boulevard (ISB) beach shortly before 5 p.m. and found a damaged white Nissan Altima in the surf with a large crowd of beachgoers surrounding it. 

According to the report, witnesses said the car was seen traveling at a high rate of speed when it crashed through the toll attendant booth, the beach ramps gate, traffic signs, struck a boy, before crashing at the tide line. 

The driver "was not coherent and did not remember the events leading to the crash," the report stated. 

A retired paramedic who saw the crash happen, said when he approached the car, the driver's body was tensed and his "eyes were rolled in the back of his head."

Based on his professional experience, he believed the man may have been having a seizure, causing him to lose control of the car.


The child that was hit by the car, and two of the three passengers of the car were taken to Halifax Medical Center. The extent of their injuries was not immediately available. 

One of the car's passengers told authorities that it appeared the driver began having a seizure while driving over the ISB bridge. She reportedly tried to move his foot off the pedals but was only able to steer the car through traffic.

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A driver crashed into Daytona Beach and into the ocean Sunday afternoon, possibly due to a medical episode. Officials said a child was struck and taken to the hospital. Unclear on other injuries.

Authorities also spoke with a physician treating the driver who told them he was unsure of the exact cause of the medical emergency that could have caused the crash, but that a seizure was a possible explanation. A neurological examination will be conducted at a later time. 

The driver was issued a traffic citation for careless driving.  The driver has since submitted for reevaluation due to possible seizure activity.