Deputies looking to ID shirtless man allegedly caught sneaking around Florida home

The Seminole County Sheriff’s Office is looking for a man accused of breaking into multiple homes in an unincorporated area of Lake Mary.

The first call to 911 came from a family near Lake Way Road and Lake Park Drive in unincorporated Lake Mary, the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office said.

"Hi, we need police, there’s an intruder on our property," the family says in the recording of the 911 call. "Please hurry!"

The family on that 911 call talked with FOX 35 News but asked the news station not to share their names. They are still uneasy after they say this man charged at them and tried to get into their house Friday.

"Me and my wife who were in the back porch, lanai with the baby, and I just spotted someone like, creeping around and the fence wall, like back wall. And I went like, Who's that? And my wife screamed at the top of her voice. And as soon as she yelled out at him, he started like coming running towards us," the homeowner told FOX 35.

The family was able to get inside their house and lock the door, call 911, and take a picture of the man as he came through their screened-in porch. 

"We had helicopters look for him, K-9 unit to pick up the scent and stuff like that. They dusted for prints and all that work."

It turns out, that house isn’t the only one the man tried to get into. Another call to 911 came in just a bit later. 

"My grandmother gave me a call around 10 tonight and said there was a gentleman outside her back door that was trying to get in," a woman said in a recording of 911 audio.

That family was also too shaken up to go on-camera, but did talk with FOX 35 News, sharing their story off-camera. They explained the screen door of their lanai wasn’t locked, so the man got in there, then tried to get into the house itself.

Their great-granddaughter had been asleep on the couch right by the door, and they told me they were still terrified of what could’ve happened if the man had gotten inside.  They said he ran away after they shouted at him. That happened around 10:15; he showed up at another house less than an hour later.

The sheriff’s office told FOX 35 it is following up on some leads this afternoon, but can’t confirm yet what this man’s motive may have been for approaching the homes.

Anyone with information about the incident is asked to call deputies at 407-665-6650.