Daughter of 2022 Bike Week murder victims urges caution as event starts up again in Daytona Beach

Bike Week festivities are back in Daytona Beach, but for some, it comes as a reminder of the gruesome murder of a couple during last year's celebration. 

Authorities say Brenda and Terry Aultman were brutally stabbed to death as they were riding their bikes home from the event on March 6, 2022. The man accused of killing the Aultmans, Jean Robert Macean, has been deemed incompetent to stand trial, a judge ruled last month.

The Aultmans' daughter tells FOX 35 News that she still has a difficult time processing what happened a year later, but if anything positive comes from it, she hopes areas like where the crime occurred will have more police and will be better lit. It appears that's the case this year.

"It’s like a living nightmare, and I wouldn’t wish this on anyone," said Sara Turner, who is reminding people to stay vigilant as another Bike Week begins. "They thought they were doing the safe thing, and unfortunately, you aren’t guaranteed safety, even when you are with a group of people or with your significant other," Turner said. "You’re still at risk, and you need to stay hyper-vigilant of your surroundings."

Turner said her mother, Brenda, and stepfather, Terry, who was known as Vann, were doing everything right, walking their bicycles home instead of driving. Now, she's warning people to avoid walking late at night too. "They were just blindsided, they were attacked from behind," Turner said.

The Daytona Beach Police Department says it will have a stronger presence, more medical staffing, and better lighting this year. "My heart still goes out to that family," said Chief Jakari Young. "It’s still very fresh for the family, and it’s still very fresh for us."

Macean is presently in the custody of the Florida Department of Children and Families, which must file a report in May as to the determination of whether Macean has regained competency to stand trial or requires continued treatment.

Macean is a Haitian immigrant and was first arrested in 2019 on drug charges, which were later dropped under former State Attorney Aramis Ayala’s supervision.  If convicted, prosecutors will seek the death penalty.