'I am homeless': Florida residents demand help from FEMA as homes deemed unlivable

Residents at Cypress Landing apartments in Orlando, Florida got some clothes and supplies from non-profit organizations, but they still need much more.

"This is the sign that I did – says my apartment and number," said Miriam Alicea.  It’s a desperate sign of help and a call to FEMA. "I feel that I’m not getting attention with my stuff. I need help from FEMA. They still haven’t come."

Alicea said everything she owns, as well as her apartment at Cypress Landing, was ruined in the floods. "It’s mold, it stinks, it’s not livable at all," she said. Her most prized possessions have been destroyed, and the apartment has been deemed unsafe to live. "All my clothing, pillows, lamps that got wet," she said.

Capt. Ken Chapman of the Salvation Army said, "We come to bring hope to let this community know you are not alone, you are not forgotten."

Organizations like the Salvation Army and Second Harvest Food Bank showed up with supplies, to help around 200 families. There was a long line of people waiting to get clothes, shoes, cleaning supplies, and toiletries. There was also a food line.


Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings said, "FEMA is working very closely with us.  We’re working with them to open up a disaster recovery center right here within our community." 
But Alicea said she still needs money to help pay for a new place to stay and hopes FEMA comes soon. While managers at the apartment complex say she’ll get her October rent back, she continues to wait. 

"Sad. I’m hopeless, sad, but what are we gonna do? Pray. That's all we can do is pray," Alicea said.

Orange County Commissioner Mayra Uribe said residents have the option of going to a shelter, but many prefer to stay there with their belongings.