COVID-19: AdventHealth reports hospitalization decrease

AdventHealth doctors say they’ve seen a decrease in hospitalizations.

"Hospitalizations are usually a general reflection of community cases," AdventHealth Dr. Vincent Hsu said. "We are seeing some good information that our community, the cases in Florida are dropping. So, this is a reflection of that."

The hospital system spoke with one of its epidemiologists during its weekly coronavirus briefing on Thursday.

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Doctor Vincent Hsu said the decrease is good news, but we must stay on guard.

"I also want to let our audience know we are still very busy," Dr. Hsu said. "While this is all welcome news, the staff still remains very busy. We are. We always have to stay on guard that the number of cases could still rise."

AdventHealth has given out about 37,000 vaccines so far, but Hsu does not believe vaccinations are what is causing the decrease.

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"It is clear that is not because of the vaccination numbers," Dr. Hsu said. "We are hoping someday that our vaccination numbers will get to the point where we can start seeing the protections that will prevent hospitalizations. Right now, we have not vaccinated enough people."