Proof of residency now required to get COVID vaccine in Volusia, Seminole counties

Vaccinations resume at the Volusia County Fairgrounds on Thursday -- but those wanting one will now need to prove they are a Florida resident.

Anyone showing up to get the shot at one of the state-run sites will need to prove they live in Florida by showing an ID or utility bill. If you’re a snowbird, Volusia County says they will be working with part-time residents on a case-by-case basis.

The requirement is also in Seminole County.

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"We want it to be as open transparent so everybody knows," said Seminole County Emergency Management Director Alan Harris. "Please bring something that shows you’re a Florida resident: utility bill, rent... anything that shows you’re a Florida resident."

As the vaccine rollout ramps up across the country, several states are in short supply. That's why some people are traveling to Florida with the hopes of rolling up their sleeves for a shot. But Governor Ron DeSantis wants to make sure the doses delivered to Florida are given to Florida residents.

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"There are a lot people who are shopping online to try to find a vaccine so they’re just going from county to county because they’re desperate to get it," said Harris.

In Volusia, the county says just 24 minutes after registration opened, all appointments for the fairgrounds three-day vaccine clinic were booked. So if you do not have an appointment, officials say do not show up or else you will be turned away.