Child headed to Orlando cheer competition with family run over during attempted carjacking: Police

A 9-year-old girl was run over by a truck driven by two men who were attempting to carjack the family who was headed to a cheer competition in Orlando. 

The attempted carjacking happened on Tuesday morning in Minden, Louisiana when a father traveling with his three daughters made a pit stop at a Love's gas station on Highway 131, police said.

Shortly after midnight, the family stopped for a restroom break and two of the teenage daughters went back to the car as their father and 9-year-old sister were still inside the store. The father told police as he was checking out, he saw a truck pull up in front of his car and two passengers jump out. 

The father ran out of the store to confront the alleged carjackers and didn't realize his 9-year-old daughter followed him out. The carjacker who was driving the car sped off and ran the child over, police said. 

The child suffered some broken bones and is likely to be released from the hospital on Monday. 

The two suspects were driving a stolen U-Haul pickup truck out of Shreveport, Louisiana. 

One of the suspects, a juvenile, was arrested and is being held on a $2.5 million bond. Police said they are close to identifying the driver who hit the girl.