Chemical fire billows near Lake Charles in Hurricane Laura’s wake

A fire at a Louisiana chlorine plant erupted with thick, billowing smoke Thursday after Hurricane Laura plowed through part of the country’s petrochemical corridor with storm surges and fierce wind, forcing residents around the plant to shelter in their homes.

Hurricane Laura forces hundreds of thousands to evacuate Gulf Coast

More than 385,000 residents were told to flee the Texas cities of Beaumont, Galveston and Port Arthur, and another 200,000 were ordered to leave low-lying Calcasieu Parish in southwestern Louisiana, where forecasters said as much as 13 feet (3.96 meters) of storm surge topped by waves could submerge whole communities.

Ready to help, over a hundred TECO workers head to Louisiana storm zones

This time around, Florida will be spared from any major impacts of Tropical Storm Marco or Tropical Storm Laura. However, the state is no stranger to hurricanes and is familiar with the devastation they can bring. That’s why TECO dispatched their crews Monday morning to Louisiana to be in place and ready to lend a hand after the storms pass.