Floridians stock up on water, supplies to prepare for Tropical Depression 9

As stores get ready to see a rush of people buying supplies, there's a rush of county workers preparing for possible flooding.

Here in Orange County workers tested out 18 pumps including one at the Bonnie Brook station to make sure they’re ready for any possible flooding, as the storm approaches.

Jeff Charles of Orange County Stormwater Management Public Works said, "Going around checking all the ponds, ditches, canals. We're running pump stations. Checking all of our drain wells." 

They advise residents to clear away brush and debris, from any drains, on their property.

They’re also making sure their own generators are working in case of a power outage, so the water continues to flow properly.

"It goes into this canal, which leads into Shingle Creek and then heads due south into Osceola County," said Charles

And over in Seminole County, residents can start filling sandbags just in case.

Steven Learner, Seminole County Emergency Management Senior Manager said, "Having these sandbags available for our residents is a great precaution for those communities that maybe are impacted to flooding." 

They’re also preparing shelters, in Seminole County. 

"We have to work very closely with the school board, generators are checked. Generators are working at the schools. Staff is trained and ready," said Learner

We saw customers buying water at the grocery store. We also asked people if they were ready, if the storm hits.

Orange County resident Nadira Singh said, "I have water, propane, canned food, generator, gasoline always on storage. 

When asked if she waits until last minute, Singh said, "Nope, I’m a planner." 

David Donovan also has his supplies ready saying, "Basics just water and canned food."

But others like Paul Rainford would rather wait, "We’re watching it just to see what’s going to happen."