Burglary suspects hid in trash cans during pursuit

Suspects on the run were outnumbered on the ground and in the air. 

Their last move was a "waste" of energy. 

Deputies hauled the three guys off to jail.

"They're actually in two trash cans, 10 feet from it. It's those two trash cans right there."

Three guys were canned, capping off a night, deputies say, of burglarizing a neighborhood near Oviedo. 

Chopper video shows the moments they realized Seminole County deputies were following them, speeding off and then making a run for it.

"Standby for a bail. They're bailing. They're all running northbound."

The men jumped fences and eventually wound up in another part of the neighborhood with only one place to hide.

They went dumpster-diving for cover, but it wasn't enough to stop K-9 deputies from sniffing them out. 

"People like that don't need to be out on our streets. That's for sure," said Trish Brewer, who lives nearby.

Deputies say the three guys were spotted earlier yanking on car door handles, trying to break in. 

Brewer says her husband's car was one of them. 

"They were definitely looking for something. We didn't have anything in the car for them to take of value," Brewer said.

After the chase, Armani Almestica, Mason Banks and Timothy Gomez Bowser were cuffed and taken to the jail.

"Got the third. They're secure."

According to the sheriff's report, the car they were driving around in was stolen a few days before. No one was hurt. Nothing was stolen besides the car. 

But, Brewer and her husband were shaken. 

"You feel a sense of violation. For them to find our neighborhood, to come thru and start looking for things to steal, it's pretty scary," she said.

The three were charged with burglary and fleeing police.

The driver was also charged for driving with a suspended license.