Blogger Alicia Stella shares insight on future of Walt Disney World

Alicia Stella breaks a lot of exclusive theme park news.

"I’ve been right more than I’ve been wrong," she reminded FOX 35’s David Martin.

The owner of the Youtube channel "Theme Park Stop" is obsessed with change at Walt Disney World.

Her specialty? Research. I "dig into permits, patents for ride technology, even trademarks for names," Stella explained.

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We pressed her to focus on the future of Disney, starting with Magic Kingdom.

"We have the new Tron Rollercoaster. It originally opened in Shanghai. Everyone wished we could get that here, now we’re getting that here. I am excited to see the return of the WDW railroad. When they’re done with Tron, we’ll get our train back," Stella said.

No opening date has been announced for either.

There’s a new firework show that debuted October 1st over the castle called, "Happily Ever After."

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"They announced the Main Street Theater but then quietly tucked that away, " Stella suggested.

What about the classic indoor theater beneath the ‘PeopleMover’ in Tomorrowland?

"We still have that spot that Stitch’s Great Escape was in. So, I’m curious to see if we get a new attraction there," Stella explained. "There were rumors for some kind of Wreck-It-Ralph attraction, but I’m not so sure. The longer we get away from those movies, the more in question that becomes."

At Epcot, ‘Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure’ at the France pavilion opens on October 1st and so does the new nighttime fireworks spectacular called ‘Harmonious.’

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Mission Space is getting a new fine dining restaurant called ‘Space 220.’ Then, we have ‘Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind,’ which will open in 2022, Disney announced on Thursday.

"It will probably be the biggest indoor roller coaster in the world, definitely in Orlando. You can fit four Spaceship Earths inside that building," Stella said excitedly. "They did tear out the whole center of EPCOT, and they were going to build a festival center. And they are building a ‘Moana: Journey of Water’ walk-through attraction."

At Animal Kingdom, Disney recently shut down ‘Finding Nemo – The Musical’ but it is returning with an update in 2022.

Starting October 1st, look for a new daytime performance above the Discovery River Amphitheater called ‘Disney KiteTails.’

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Stella still considers Animal Kingdom a half-day park and wants more rides.

"They permanently closed Primeval Whirl which is part of the ‘Dinorama’ section of ‘Dinoland.’ If you were to re-do just that, you could probably squeeze in a mini-land, while keeping the ‘DINOSAUR’ ride. But also, there’s a huge multi-acre property behind Asia right next to the train, so they have this huge space in which they could put a whole other land," Stella speculated.

Over at Hollywood Studios?

"There have been rumors forever on a door coaster from the end of Monster’s Inc. Monsters Inc. has a new TV show now," she said.

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What about our favorite archaeologist?

"There’s a new Indiana Jones movie coming out, so I think there’s a re-invigoration of the franchise. At least they want there to be. That theater hasn’t reopened yet, the Indiana Jones stunt spectacular is still closed!" Stella reminded us.

She believes the spot is perfect for a Lucas-film based attraction

Over at Disney Springs?

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Drawn to Life presented by Cirque du Soleil & Disney opens in November.

"There’s the shut-down NBA experience, which used to be ‘Disney Quest,’" according to the blogger. "I do feel something along the lines of an updated Disney Quest could actually do well now. I think the technology has caught up to the point where people would do some VR experiences. Or mix it with other stuff, like an indoor putt-putt course under black lights. Theme it to villains, you’ll make a million dollars Disney!"

After all, Disney has another 50 years to remain on top of the theme park industry.

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