Alligator spotted swimming around with knife in its head

Photo credit: Erin Means Weaver

Residents in a neighborhood in Sugar Land, Texas are concerned after seeing an alligator with a knife stuck in its head!

Erin Weaver was out taking a walk around Pumpkin Lake when she spotted the alligator. As it swam in the water, she noticed what looked like a large steak knife stuck right between the alligator's eyes.

"It’s so sad!  I can’t believe someone could be that cruel," Weaver tells Fox 35. 

Weaver says that the alligator didn't seem to be like it was in any kind of distress, but it's still concerning as to how it happened.

She says she has looked for the alligator but hasn't seen it since that day. 

Texas Parks and Wildlife was notified and Weaver says a game warden is expected to come and check-up on the animal.

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